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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Health Sciences I, CSC

ACADEMIC PLAN: 221-156-02

CIP CODE: 51.3801

AWARD: Career Studies Certificate

LENGTH: Less than 1 Year


The Health Sciences I Career Studies Certificate is designed for the student who desires to pursue allied health programs at CVCC or other schools of choice including nursing programs. Students transferring to other schools are responsible for verifying transferability of CVCC courses.

Admissions Requirements:

Individuals are eligible for admission to CVCC if they are high school graduates or the equivalent, or if they are eighteen years of age or older and able to benefit academically from study at the community college, as demonstrated by assessment in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Program Requirements:

All students expected to complete the requirements for a degree, diploma or certificate must complete an Application for Graduation.


The Program Pathway for Health Sciences I CSC is a resource for students that lists the following items:

  • The recommended order in which to take the program courses
  • Suggested course when more than one option exists
  • If the course has a prerequisite
  • Courses that may lead to a certificate (if offered in the program)

Students who plan to transfer should consult with the desired transfer institution to verify transferability of specific courses. While an elective course may satisfy a CVCC program, it may not fulfill a requirement at the transfer institution.


Total Program Credits: 14

1 Social Science Electives should be selected based on the student’s desired transfer institution. For Centra College of Nursing students should choose PSY, SOC and dually enrolled students will take PLS 135  -PLS 136   . Students pursuing a General Studies AA&S degree should choose a HIS sequence: HIS 101 -HIS 102 , HIS 111 -HIS 112 , HIS 121 -HIS 122 

BIO 141 has a developmental course pre-requisite of NAS 2. Students can take NAS 2  , take the NAS 2 challenge exam, or take BIO 101 . See your counselor for details. Dual enrollment students should talk to their high school guidance office or program director.  

Students who plan to transfer should consult an academic counselor to verify specific program requirements with their intended four-year institution. While an elective course may satisfy a requirement for a Central Virginia Community College program, it may not fulfill a requirement at a four-year institution.