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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administrative Faculty, Faculty, and Staff

Administrative, Professional, and Teaching Faculty (with year of appointment)

Aiken, Lisa: (2015) Instructor of Emergency Medical Services, A.A. Liberal Arts, SUNY Adirondack.

Alexander, Karen L.: (2018) Coordinator of Admissions & Records/College Registrar: AA&S, Southwest Virginia Community College, B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University; M.B.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University.

Atkinson, James D.: (1999) Associate Professor of Mathematics; B.S., Indiana University; M.A., University of Arizona.

Ayala, Nelson: (2019) Assistant Professor for Chemistry; B.S., Brooklyn College; M.S., State University of New York; M.B.A., University of Lynchburg; Ph.D. University of Virginia.

Ayers, Wendy F.: (2009) Associate Professor of Respiratory Therapy; A.A.S, Piedmont Virginia Community College; B.S., Old Dominion University; M.S., Occupational and Technical Studies, Old Dominion University Darden School of Education, MSc; RRT-NPS; STEM-H and Professional Studies.

Babcock, Michael: (2016) Associate Instructor I of English; B.A., University of North Carolina at Greensboro; M.F.A., University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Ph.D., University of Minnesota.

Bryant, Lewis III: (2016) Vice President of Financial & Administrative Services; M.B.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University.

Capps, John: (2011) President; B.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University; M.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University; Ed.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University.

Coco, Jessica: (2021) Instructor of Mathematics; B.S. Mathematics, University of Lynchburg; M.S. Science & Math Education, University of Lynchburg.

Coles, Ginger: (2021) Director of Respiratory Therapy; Associate Professor of Respiratory Therapy; Liberty University, BS Business Management, Liberty University, M.S. Healthcare Administration.

Dario-Becker, Juville G.: (1992) Professor of Biology; B.S. & M.S., University of the Philippines; Ph.D., Florida State University.

Daughtrey, Hugh: (2018) Assistant Professor of Information Technology/Cybersecurity; B.S. University of Virginia, M.E.D., University of Virginia.

Deutsch, Cynthia R.: (2002) Interim Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning; B.A., University of California; M.A., California State University; Ph.D. Northcentral University.

Dillard, Lynn: (2010) Professor of Machine Technology; B.B.A., Averett University; M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University.

Elam, Elizabeth: (2018) Professor of English; B.A. Randolph Macon Women’s College; M.A. University of Virginia Farris, Michael: (2014) Dean of Enrollment Management, A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College; B.A. & M.Ed., Lynchburg College.

Ferguson, R. Jason: (2005) Associate Vice President of Professional and Career Studies; Associate Professor of Emergency Medical Services; A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College; B.S., University of Phoenix, M.A., Lynchburg College; NRP., Ed.D., University of Lynchburg.

Figueroa, Yalitza: (2018) Associate Professor of Chemistry; B.S. University of Carabobo; M.S. Central University of Venezuela.

Fitzsimons, Susan: (2017) Associate Professor of Radiology Technology, B.A., Lynchburg College; M.A.Ed.; University of Phoenix; RTR; (ARRT); (CORU).

Gale, Marcella: (2017) Assistant Professor of Mechatronics; Science, Math, & Engineering; B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Virginia; M.S., Occupational and Technical Studies, Old Dominion University.

Hermosa, Hailey: (2019) Assistant Professor of Health Information Technology; B.A. Biology, B.A. International Affairs, Sweet Briar College, M.S. Community Health Care Management, Old Dominion University.

Hogan, Jessica C.: (2007) Professor of Biology; B.S., SE Missouri State University; M.S., Middle Tennessee State University; Ph.D. Louisiana State University.

Hoisington Tirrell, Corinne L.: (2001) Associate Professor of Information Systems Technology; B.S., Liberty University; M.S., Computer Studies, Hollins University.

Honeycutt, Rebecca L.: (2007) Professor of Mathematics; B.S., State University College at Oswego New York; M.S. & Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology.

Hughes, Philomena: (2018) Instructor of Culinary Arts; B.A. Lynchburg College; M.A. Lynchburg College.

Jones, Deborah D.: (2006) Assistant Professor of Medical Laboratory Technology; A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College; B.S., Old Dominion University; M.S., Occupational and Technical Studies, Old Dominion University.

Kirkland, Benjamin: (2018) Assistant Professor EMS; A.A.S. Central Virginia Community College.

Latimer, Matthew: (2012) Assistant Professor of English; A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College; B.A. & M.Ed., Lynchburg College.

Laub, Jeffrey W.: (2006) Professor of Physics; B.S., Moravian College; M.S., St. Bonaventure University; Ph.D., Lehigh University.

Layne, Sheila: (2021) Assistant Professor of Communication; Pennsylvania State University - BS Education, California State University, Chico - MA Communication Studies.

Lester, J. Brent: (2006) Professor of Administrative Management Technology and Business Management; A.A.S., Southwest Virginia Community College; B.S., Virginia Intermont College; M.B.A. East Tennessee State University.

Lightfoot, J. David: (2000) Vice President of Information Technology; B.S., Southern Polytechnic State University; M.S., George Mason University.

Lofaso, John: (2002) Professor of Communication Design; B.A., Brooks Institute; M.F.A., University of California.

Mallory, Linda L.: (1992) Associate Professor of Accounting; B.B.A., William and Mary; M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

McCullough, John: (2012) Associate Professor of History; B.S., Liberty University; M.A, Norwich University; M.Ed., Lynchburg College.

McDermott, Shannon R.: (2013) Professor of Biology; B.S., Cedar Crest College; Ph. D., Duke University.

McGee, David H.: (2001) Professor of History; B.A., University of North Carolina at Charlotte; J.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; M.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and University; Ph.D., University of Georgia.

Murphy, Dan: (2021) Assistant Professor of Mechatronics; DeVry University, B.S. Electronics Engineering Technology.

Newman, Jewel M.: (1989) Professor of Welding; Machine Shop Diploma and A.A.& S., Central Virginia Community College, B.S., Old Dominion University, M.B.A., Liberty University.

Ogden, Kris M.: (2008) Interim Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs; Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Planning; B.A., Sweet Briar College; M.B.A., Radford University, Ed.D., University of Lynchburg.

Orso, Marisa: (2021) Instructor of Biology; B.S. (Hons) University of British Columbia; M.A. San Francisco State University.

Pearson, Ashley H.: (2007) Academic Counselor: B.A., University of Delaware; M.A., University of San Diego.

Penner, Michelle Y.: (2008) Professor of Mathematics; B.A., SUNY Potsdam, M.S., Oklahoma State University, Ph.D., Washington University.

Penrod, Joseph T.: (2012.) Associate Professor of Biology; B.S., University of Utah, Ph.D., University of California at Davis.

Perry, Stephen: (2017) Associate Instructor of Biology; B.A., Biology, Walsh University; M.S. Biology, Akron University; M.A. Religion, Liberty University.

Piercy Julie C.: (1999) Professor of Psychology; B.A., University of California; M.A., Loyola Marymount University; Ph.D., University of Virginia.

Poff, Charles: (2002) Professor of English; B.S. & M.A., Radford University, Ph.D., University of Kentucky.

Poteat, Matthew R.: (2005) Associate Professor of History; B.S., East Carolina University; M.A. & M. Ed., North Carolina State University. MPhil., University of London, Birkbeck.

Ranson, Teresa H.: (2007) Instructor of Biology; A.G.S., Southside Virginia Community College; B.A. & M.A., Longwood University.

Retnam, Xavier: (2010) Professor of Mathematics; B.Sc. & M.Sc., Madurai Kamaraj University; M.E., University of Virginia; Ph.D., University of Tennessee.

Rhoads, Timothy L.: (2004) Professor of Biology; B.S., Auburn University; M.S., University of Alabama; Ph.D., University of Mississippi.

Shelton, Elizabeth: (2013) Instructor, M.Ed., B.S., Lynchburg College.

Sizemore, Victor M.: (2013) Instructor of English; B.A., West Virginia State University; M.F.A., Seattle Pacific University.

Templeton, Rick: (2013) Instructor of Physical Education; B.S., James Madison University; M.S. & M.Ed., Old Dominion University.

Thomas, Kathleen: (2014) Instructor of Mathematics; B.S., Youngstown State University, M.ED., Cambridge College.

Tuite, James: (2015) Associate Professor Political Science, A.A.S. NOVA, A.B.D., Catholic University, B.S., American University, M.A., Georgetown University.

Velez, Lana: (2002) Assistant Professor of English; B.A., Randolph Macon Woman’s College; M.A., James Madison University.

Wade, Ernest: (2011) Associate Professor of Economics; B.S., Radford University; M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University.

Wallin, Cynthia: (2002) Associate Vice President of Arts and Sciences; Professor of Mathematics; B.S. Union University; M.A.T., Murray State University; Ed.D., Northcentral University.

Wilhelm, N. Timothy: (2009) Assistant Professor of Radiologic Technology; A.A.S., Virginia Western Community College; B.S., Virginia Commonwealth University.


Adjunct Clinical Instructors

Emergency Medical Services

McLeod, Marilyn M. D.: Medical Director.


Cresson, Jr. David D.: Medical Director, Director of Laboratory, Centra.

Radiology Technology

Kline, Eric: Medical Director, Radiologist, Central Virginia Imaging/Radiology Consultants.

Respiratory Therapy Technology

Dooley, Ellen: ASN, ASRT, RN, RRT, Clinical Instructor, Central VA Community College Respiratory Therapy Technology Program.

Milam, Dr. Michael: Medical Director, Pulmonologist, Lynchburg Nephrology Pulmonary Association, Lynchburg, VA.

Walton, Thela: AASRT, RRT, Clinical Instructor, Central VA Community College Respiratory Therapy Technology Program.

Staff (with year of appointment)

Abatecola, Evan: (2005) Information Technology Specialist II, Information Technology; B.B.A., James Madison University; M.B.A., Liberty University.

Angel, Kimberly: (2002) Information Technology Specialist II, Information Technology; A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College.

Baker, Evora: (2021) TRIO Student Support Service Project Director; B.A., Macalester College; M.A.Ed., University of Phoenix; Ed.D. in Leadership American College of Education; Georgia Professional Standards Commission Teacher Certifications: History (6-12), SP ED General Curriculum Consultive (P-12), SP ED Social Science Cognitive Level (P-12).

Bennett, Tonda: (2021) Human Resources Analyst.

Bobbitt, Michael Ryan: (2018) Administrative & Office Specialist III, Financial Aid Department; A.S., General Studies, Virginia Western Community College.

Bowman, Vickie: (2001) Administrative & Office Specialist III, Testing Center; A.A.S. Central Virginia Community College.

Boyd, Trina M.: (2004) Administrative & Office Specialist III, Campus Police; General Clerical Certificate, Central Virginia Community College.

Brothers, Terilynn R.: (2005) Trades Technician III, Facilities Management; A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College; Telecommunication Electronics, ECPI; VCCS; VCA+.

Bunch, Kenneth: (2015) Public Relations & Marketing Specialist, Institutional Advancement; BS VCU.

Carpenter, Christopher: (2019) Trainer & Instructor I, Math Achievement Learning Lab; B.S., University of Lynchburg.

Carter, Hollye (2020) Human Resources Analyst

Christian, Zebia: (2021) Administrative & Office Specialist III, Arts and Sciences; B.A. Politics & Policy, Liberty University; M.A. Public Policy, Liberty University.

Chukwu, Kingsley: (2017) Financial Services Specialist I, Accounting Office, A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College, B.A., Washington & Lee University; M.Ed., Lynchburg College.

Clark, Jason: (2021) Coordinator of CTE Initiatives; B.S., Appalachian State University; Technology Education Endorsement K-12, Appalachian State University; B.S., Sweet Briar College; Endorsement in K -12 Supervision and Administration; CompTIA A+, PC Pro Certified, Internet and Computing, Level 3, Home Technology Integration Installer, Automotive Warranty Arbitrator, Foreign, Court Appointed Special Advocate, Longwood University.

Cochrane, Brittney: (2018) College Navigator, Enrollment Management; A.A.S. Central Virginia Community College; B.S. Old Dominion University; M.S. Liberty University.

Coles, Barry: (2015) Housekeeping & Apparel Worker.

Connelly, Ava J.: (1978) Administrative & Office Specialist III, Technology, Trades, and Workforce Development; A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College.

Cope, Raylene: (2018) College Navigator, Enrollment Management; B.S. Longwood University.

Craig-Carson, Cathy S.: (2008) Administrative and Office Specialist III, Bedford Center.

Deacon, Connie C.: (2000) Administrative & Office Specialist III, Distance Education Center; A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College.

DeMasters, Twila J.: (2001) Program Administration Specialist I, Workforce Solutions; Certificate; A.A.S.; A.A.S.; Central Virginia Community College.

Dowdy, Jennifer: (2019) Administrative & Office Specialist Ill, Facilities Management; A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College.

Dye, Francie D.: (2012) Education Coordinator I, Workforce Solutions; B.A., Polytechnic Institute State University.

Duncan, Michael: (2019) Admissions Operations Specialist; Liberty University, B.S. Religion/History, The Expositor’s Seminary, M.Div.

Ensley, Kenneth: (2014) Trades Technician III.

Falatic, Joseph: (2014) Detective, Campus Police.

Fletcher, Michele: (2012) Education Support Specialist III, Enrollment Management; B.S., Bethune-Cookman College; M.A., Liberty University.

Franklin, Randall: (2013) Human Resources Director, Human Resources; B.A., University of Virginia.

French, Kimberly: (1996) First Year Programs Coordinator, Enrollment Management; A.S., Central Virginia Community College, B.S., Old Dominion University; M.S., Liberty University.

Habecker, Nathan: (2018) Education Support Specialist III, Financial Aid; A.A.S Pillsbury Baptist Bible College; B.S. Liberty University.

Hafner, Kyle: (2003) Trades Technician III, Facilities Management.

Hamilton, Michael J.: (2013 Corporal (Patrol Supervisor), Campus Police; Central Virginia Criminal Justice Academy.

Hines, Chris: (2021) Facilities Supervisor.

Johnson, Tammy L.: (2012) Administrative & Office Specialist III, Enrollment Management; Medical Transcription Certificate, Central Virginia Community College; General Clerical Certificate, Central Virginia Community College; A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College.

Jordan, Christopher T.: (2006) Information Technology Specialist II, Information Technology; A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College.

Kidd, Kathy Y.: (2005) Enrollment Services Specialist, Admissions and Records; Criminal Justice Certificate; Management Certificate; A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College.

Liggon, Priscilla M.: (1989) Clinical Coordinator, Technology, Trades, and Workforce Development; A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College; B.S., Old Dominion University.

Markwood, Jill S.: (2005) Media Specialist III, Institutional Advancement; A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College; B.A., Lynchburg College.

McGee, Edward G.: (2013) Instructional Technologist, Distance Education; B.S., Radford University; M.A., Hollins University.

McLaughlin, Meredith: (2017) Education Support Specialist III; Counseling, B.A., Hofstra University; M.A., Hofstra University.

McNamara, Ryan: (2019) Coordinator of Financial Aid, Financial Aid.

Murphy, Tina J.: (2003) Veterans Coordinator, Student Services; Business Management Certificate, General Education Certificate & A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College; A.A.S., Allentown Business College; B.A., Southern New Hampshire University.

Narehood, Elizabeth: (2016) Title III Project Director, President’s Office, B.S. & M.S.Ed., Polytechnic Institute State University.

Onuffer, Jennifer: (2019) Administrative & Office Specialist Ill, Accounting.

Osborne, William B.: (2005) Information Technology Specialist II, Information Technology; A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College. B.S., Franklin University. M.S., North Carolina State University.

Overstreet, Hunter T.L.: (2014) Student Services Coordinator; B.S., Hampden-Sydney College.

Paige, Melvin: (2016) Education Support Specialist III, Great Expectations Coach.; B.S. Liberty University.

Perry, Angela: (2019) Program Administration Specialist, Workforce Solutions.

Reynolds, Pamela: (2010) Trainer Instructor I, Technology, Trades, and Workforce Development; A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College.

Rice, Catherine M.: (2006) General Administration Coordinator I, Institutional Advancement; A.A.S., Danville Community College; B.A., Averett University. M.B.A., Lynchburg College.

Robertson, Terrell: (2018) Financial Aid Advisor, Financial Aid; B.A. University of Lynchburg.

Rocha, John: (2018) Trades Technician IV; HVAC/Mechanical/Electrical Trade, Facilities Management Samuels, Peggy: (2021) Grants Accountant; A.A.S., Coastal Carolina Community College; B.S., Business Administration, University of North Carolina Wilmington; M.B.A., Lynchburg College.

Sanders, Cathy: (2016) Administrative & Office Specialist III, Workforce Solutions; General Studies, A.A.S., Central Virginia Community College.

Short, Debra A.: (2008) Education Coordinator I, Workforce Solutions; Accounting; A.A.S., Management; A.A.S., Sydenstricker, Jeffrey R.: (2016) Police Sergeant, Campus Police; Greenfield Peace Officers Academy.

Wilkerson, William: (2021) Chief of Police; Hampton University - BA Sociology/Criminal Justice, VCU - BS Exercise Science, VCU - M.S. Kinesiology and Health Sciences.

Woerner, Mary: (2019) Accounting Office Manager, Accounting; B.S. Business Administration, M.B.A. Averett University.


President Emeriti

Merritt, Johnnie E.*

Wheelan, Belle S.

Faculty Emeriti

Armstrong, Wendell D.

Barber, L. Thomas*

Barringer, Katherine*

Bashore, Joy

Bashore, Robert

Beasley, George

Beeker, Roger

Bieber, Werner F.

Black, John*

Boothe, Liz

Bradley, Cheryl

Cheagle, Roslyn

Csaky, Joe

Daily, Julie

Dunford, Janet

Freeman, Bill

Freese, John E.*

Gilley (Wheeler), Irene

Goodman, Martha

Graves, Judy

Hagy, Della H.

Hamner, Peter

Harris, Edgar T.

Hendrick, Ruth

Hobbs, Donna

Hofmann, David

Hurst, Roe V.*

Jenkins, Nettie

Kerns, John (Jack)

Lemons, Jim

McGrath, Thomas M.

Merchant, Robert P.*

Moore, James P.*

Patch, Ethel L.

Peniche, Edward A.*

Price, James A.

Randolph, Gary

Reid, Russell D., Jr.

Reynolds, William M.*

Rush, Susan

Ryan, Regina T.*

Sandidge, William

Sparhawk, Tom

Thornhill, Allen F.

Valentine, James

Watson, Herbert R.

Wells, Betty J.*

Wiley, Wayne H.

Wiseman, David

Wright, Benjamin W., Jr.*

Wujcik, Nora

Staff Emeriti

Allcock, Judy

Allen, Yvonne

Armstrong, Mildred

Beasley, Susan

Blankenship, Edythe G.*

Chambers, Frances

DeMartino , Nicholas*

Dunn, Pam

Gilbert, Harold

Hensley, Geraldine

Hernandez, Eleanor

Kostal, Ann

Manning, Doris J.*

Merryman, Frank

McClain, Doris S.

Parker, Ron

Payne, Voss N.*

Peters, Polly

Reynolds, Lucy

Shepperd, Thelma G.

Steele, Clarence M.*

Sykes, Dianne

Terry, Brenda

Towler, Rebecca G.

Wiley III, Cloyde

Williams, Sandra

Willis, Carol A.

Wright, Jo Ann

Wyant, Joella G.



Arts and Sciences Advisory Committee

Engineering Technology

Mr. P. Scott Beasley
Mr. Chris Bryan
Mr. John Jones
Mr. C. Robert L. Mangrum
Mr. Jon Oakley

General Education Transfer

Mr. Aaron Basko
Mr. Jason Byrd
Mr. Travis Carter
Ms. Penelope Doss
Mr. Jay Flynn
Mr. Jonathan Fries
Ms. Kerry Greenstein
Mr. Marin Granda
Ms. Susan Hogg
Ms. Susan Kennon
Ms. Jeannette Rork
Mr. Stephen Siefert
Ms. Sharon Walters-Bower

Professional and Career Studies Advisory Committees

Administration of Justice

Mr. Whit Clark
Mr. David Cooper
Mr. James Day
Mr. Todd Foreman
Mr. James Grassano
Mr. Tommy Merricks
Mr. Mike Miller
Mr. Donnie Simpson
Mr. Ron Staton
Mr. Michael Stephens
Mr. Timothy Trent
Mr. Ernest Viar
Mr. Ryan Zuidema

Administrative Management Technology

Ms. Jackie Clements
Ms. Diana Creammer
Ms. Lucille Crist
Ms. Paula Hutt
Ms. Janet Martin
Ms. Debbie Payne
Ms. Meghan Pettry
Ms. Diana Pace
Ms. Kate Roeglin

Business Management

Ms. Susan Ackley
Ms. Ann Wolcott Britton
Mr. Brad Bryant
Mr. Phill Coley
Mr. Phil Hamlett
Mr. Ronald Lovelace
Ms. Holly McEntire
Ms. Anne McVeigh
Mr. J.D. Mitchell
Mr. Toby E. Murphy
Mr. Byron N. Steward
Ms. Kim Wilkerson
Ms. Gloria T. Witt

Computer and Electronic Technology

Mr. Joel Comiskey
Mr. Dave Bing
Mr. David Garza
Mr. Josh Hamilton
Mr. Steve Harrison
Mr. Kendall Jackson
Mr. Ron Lee
Mr. Nat Marshall
Ms. Georgeann Snead

Culinary Arts

Mr. Andre Ellis
Mr. Brad Goodale
Mr. Tom Gordon
Mr. Brian Knopp
Mr. Michael Neal
Ms. Jeanne Phelps
Mr. Kevin Phelps
Mr. Danny Rivers
Ms. Wren Roberts
Ms. Andrea Roth

Emergency Medical Services

Ms. Mary Katherine Allen
Ms. Janet Blankenship
Mr. Ben Bond
Mr. Sam Bryant
Ms. June Leffke
Mr. Jeff Tanner
Ms. Michelle Turner
Ms. Susan Walton
Mr. Tom Walton
Dr. Wendy Wilcoxson
Mr. Greg Wormser

Fire Science Technology

Ms. Janet Blankenship
Mr. Sam Bryant
Ms. Carla Keesee
Ms. Michelle Turner
Mr. Greg Wormser

Health Sciences

Ms. Susan Barley
Ms. Tracy Coleman
Ms. Johanna Derrenbacker
Ms. Kim Dieber
Ms. Sharon Elkins
Dr. Jim Emerson
Ms. Cindy Goodrich
Ms. Jennifer Hall
Dr. Dan Johnson
Ms. Kathy Johnson
Ms. Robbie Johnson
Ms. Ashley Pearson
Ms. Holly Puckett
Ms. Jean St. Clair
Dr. Jeremy Welsh

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Mr. Randy Anderson
Mr. Jamie Dalton
Mr. Harold Glass
Mr. Mark Pauley

Information Systems Technology/Cybersecurity

Mr. Leif Aagaard
Mr. Kaitlyn Bestenheider
Ms. Cathie Brown
Mr. Erik Dorman
Ms. Cheryl Giggetts
Mr. Mike Goetz
Mr. Kent Gross
Mr. Jeff Hurley
Mr. Tommy Kern
Mr. Tony Martin
Mr. Jerry Mayberry
Ms. Jan McKinney
Ms. Betsy Mewborn
Mr. Scott Noonan
Mr. Dan Overstreet
Mr. Sam Page
Mr. Terry Ripley
Mr. Mark Shaneck
Mr. Tom Thornton, III
Mr. Helene Waslov Toms
Mr. James B Witt, Jr.

Machine Tool and Quality Control

Mr. Bill Bailey
Mr. Kenny Brown
Mr. Johnny Eagle
Mr. Michael James
Mr. Clay Leath
Mr. Brent Lee
Mr. Greg Morris
Mr. Chris Shaffer
Mr. Greg Summers
Mr. John Weatherford


Mr. Ken Arthur
Mr. Trevor Connell
Mr. Mike Frasier
Ms. Dana Hogan
Mr. Nat Marshall
Mr. Aaron McMullen
Mr. George Navarro

Medical Laboratory Technology

Ms. Kimberly Berry
Dr. David Cresson, Jr.
Ms. Brandy Gallaher
Ms. Patricia Jamerson
Mr. Thomas Trevilian
Ms. Jasmine Waller

Radiologic Technology

Ms. Stephanie Claibo
Mr. Joseph Collins
Ms. Dana Duffield
Dr. Jason Ferguson
Ms. Sarah Hudson
Ms. Crystal Johnson
Ms. Kate Jones
Ms. Lisa Jordan
Mr. Eric Kline
Ms. Priscilla Liggon
Ms. Ashley Pearson
Ms. Annette Price
Ms. Ivy Wheaton
Mr. Tim Wilhelm
Ms. Brandy Wright

Respiratory Therapy

Ms. Patricia Ann Doorley
Ms. Siminne Duff
Mr. Chad A. Gibbs
Dr. Michael G. Milam
Mr. George Morcom
Ms. Vickie Williams


Mr. Bob Campbell
Mr. Jason Edwards
Mr. Chad Maddox
Mr. Duane Newman
Mr. Cameron Preston
Mr. Greg Snowman
Ms. Mary Tinsley
Mr. Will Westgate
Ms. Linda Whitmore
Mr. David Woods
Mr. John Wright